An installation designed for the main entrance of the NOLS international headquarters to create an engaging space for employees and visitors. ​​​​​​​
    - Create a display that ties into existing materials and aesthetic of the building
    - Prominently display the mission and values of the school
    - Timeless and easy to update
    - Engaging for visitors without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of employees
    - Use sustainable materials and energy usage when possible (LEED compliant)
    - Create a space that reflects nature
    - Focus on impactful images more than text
    - Create more space to present company awards
This display aligns with NOLS' values and dedication to environmental sustainability. The wood boards are reclaimed cedar from urban fences in Utah. The steel frames, silhouette of the Cirque of the Towers, and lettering are locally sourced and cut in Lander. All lighting uses LED energy-saving bulbs. The construction of the display will allow photos, text, and display cases to be updated with minimal waste and no new construction required. 
Display Cases
The previous arrangement only had one case for displaying awards. We were able to doubled that space by clearing out the second alcove in the hall. We installed suspension cable glass shelving that matches the hardware used in the hanging photo display. To create the door panels, we bought the rail hardware and custom-built the doors using large, museum-quality, non-glare plexiglass sheets and reclaimed cedar frames to match the rest of the woodwork. In order to clear out shelf space for trophies and reduce clutter, we hung all framed certificates and plaques on the back wall of the case rather than placing them on shelves. 
NOLS Mission and Values
In order to divide up the space, we installed reclaimed cedar wood paneling throughout the hallway. Two of these sections are home to panels that state NOLS' mission and values and have custom, locally-made steel frames to match other steelwork used throughout the building. 
Hanging Photo + Testimonial Display
One of the prime objectives in updating this display was to allow for the content to be easily updatable. Our solution was to install a suspension cable plexiglass display system which allows for individual photos and testimonials to be interchanged without having to replace the entire display. We used quotes from students, staff and parents from around the world and across the decades to make the display feel timeless. 
Steel Illuminated Ridge Line and NOLS Tagline
To bring a bit of our outdoor classroom into the office, we commissioned a custom, locally-sourced steel ridge line of the Cirque of the Towers, an iconic landscape in the Wind River Range, which is the organization's original classroom in Wyoming. The mountains are backlit with LED strip lighting, giving it the effect of a setting sun. A subtle interactive component was added in the form of three small, bendable magnetic climbers who are often found in new, crazy positions. 
Vinyl Quotes
Since the doors for the award cases need to be able to slide open, we needed to fill two large sections of wall space with something that was flush. We decided to install two vinyl quotes, one by Paul Petzoldt, the founder of NOLS, and the other by Edward Abbey, author and environmental advocate.  
Original Lobby Display
Low Fidelity Mock-ups
High Fidelity Mock-ups & Measurements 

Other Work